Mumpreneur Feature 24th April

April 26, 2014
Christine Carolan


As you know now we are just over one month trading and we have been so busy. It’s an exciting time as we try to make people aware of our product and inform customers of the benefits of our babywear versus others that are out there.  You will have heard me talk about not only the beautiful designs of our items but also of the practical and safety features. One customer who recently received the Cosynest 0-3 mth sent us a message on facebook thanking us. Breda Fealy Received mine today thanks ever so much its fab n so practical can’t wait to use it. We love hearing this as our products really will make parents lives that little bit easier.

If you have time take a look at the feature Cute honey wrote on Happynest. If your starting a business yourself you might find it an interesting read.

Have a great weekend!


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Alison Curtis interview on TodayFM

April 20, 2014
Christine Carolan

Happy Easter everyone!

By now  you are probably knee deep in chocolate! It has been a busy month since we launched 4 weeks ago. We have featured on George Hook, Kickstart your Business, featured in Mumpreneurs Mother Hen issue and appeared on Alison Curtis Saturday morning show yesterday to talk about all things Happynest.  If you missed the interview you can hear it here we are 51 minutes in.

sat breakfast with alison curtis

Alison was so nice and we were delighted to appear on her show. There are a lot more features coming your way and also some great competitions so keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages.

Happy Easteeaster bunnyr to you all!


Newstalk interview 3rd April 2014

April 4, 2014

George Hook helps to kickstart another business!

This week George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were joined in studio by Christine Carolan for “HappyNest”.Christine sees a gap in the market where it comes to practical clothes for babies, and George was keen to give the business a “kickstart” on The Right Hook.

Hi all,

I got some fantastic feedback from George and Gerard. The feedback was spot on, I might know my products inside out but I hadn’t explained to my audience what their unique selling points are. I had spoken to so many people about the products that I thought the concept was clear to all, which was a mistake on my part.  So I am changing the descriptions to explain clearly what makes Happynest so great.lillycosycar2_no_label

When I sat down and looked at starting my business, I honed in on my own experience as a first time mum. I remembered how nervous I was with a new baby ensuring that my daughter Eve wasn’t too hot or too cold in the car seat when out and about. I used to notice how sometimes the car seats straps would start to slide down her shoulders and I was always worried that she would slip out.  Depending on what type of coat /jacket she was wearing, I would pull the straps as tight as I could but always found I would have to amend them at some point through out the day. The Cosynest is ideal for this situation. You can have the car seat straps securely on the baby and still keep baby snug and warm in the car seat. You will not need bulky coats and worry about the straps moving or loosening up. You can get the baby in and out of the car seat/ buggy quickly rather than struggling trying to push little arms through jackets and snowsuits.

The response to the interview to date has been amazing and I have made some great contacts.

If you have any questions about my products please contact me on

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Safe and secure travelling

March 29, 2014
Christine Carolan

Hi everyone,

I was doing a lot of research in terms of child safety when travelling and found some interesting articles about baby coats and winter coats, and how they could affect your childs safety. Although we are now in Spring, our Irish weather is quite fickle, so our children are still in their winter coats. I thought it would be good to bring it to your attention.

Ilillycosycar2_no_labelt has been recommended that the car seat harness needs to stay close to the child’s body at all times. All coats and clothing will compress in a crash, but thicker winter coats and snowsuits could compress enough to create a lot of slack in the harness, allowing the child to be ejected from the car seat. I am delighted that we have introduced the Cosynest car seat wrap as it allows the car seat straps to hold baby in securely without compromising safety.


How do I check winter coats for car Seat safety

It’s easy to check and see whether a baby’s winter coat or infant snowsuit is too thick to be safe in a car seat. This test will show you how thick the coat is and how much the coat will compress during a crash.

  1. Take the car seat into the house.
  2. Put the winter coat or snowsuit on the child.
  3. Put the child in the car seat and buckle the harnesses as you normally would before car travel. Adjust the straps to the appropriate fit for your child.
  4. Take the child out of the car seat without loosening the straps at all.
  5. Take the coat off your child.
  6. Put the child back in the car seat and buckle the harnesses again, but do not tighten the straps.
  7. If you can fit more than two fingers under the harness at the child’s shoulder bone, the coat is too thick and is not safe for use with the car seat.

check out the RSA website for more information on car seat safety.

Have a great weekend!



First week in business

March 21, 2014
Christine Carolan

Hi everyone,

I thought I would let you all know what it’s like a week after launching our new brand Happynest. It’s been a very busy week from talking to mothers who loved the products to chatting to retailers interested in stocking our babywear. I realise now that I still have loads to do and a lot to learn! From sorting out barcodes for retailers, figuring out overseas shipping to all the technology I have to be an expert of! I have become familiar with Twitter and now know how to tweet pictures.  We have featured in MompreneursIreland and have another article going live with EU mom in April.  I will have the pleasure of talking to George Hook on Thursday for “Let’s talk Business” which should be great!  This will air on 4th of April so will keep you posted!  Obviously whileimagesCAT2U93F doing all of the above there are still the school runs, play dates, homework, dinners and life in general.

This is a very exciting time for us here at Happynest!

Have a great weekend,


Love these products, very obviously designed by a parent as it fills all the criteria of practicality, safety, warmth and very cute. Finally something that fits all our needs, an overall fantastic product range.

The sleeping bag is so practical, Ellie had a dirty nappy on Christmas night that was disturbing her sleep, the cosysleep opens from the bottom which meant little disruption to my sleeping beauty. I also would have loved to receive it as a gift as everything I had were neutral colours, which I didn’t want to use when Ellie was born I insisted on pink! I will most definitely recommend the range to friends and will be buying them as gifts.
Mandy Hegarty, Ratoath, Co. Meath

I ordered the Happynest sleeping bag after a friend told me about it. I loved the colours as the pinks and whites were really fresh and contemporary. However I was over the moon when i saw I could put the car seat straps through the bag, which meant I could put Lilly into her pj’s and ready for bed if I was visiting relatives. I didn’t have to undress her or disturb her at home, such peace of mind. Also the fact the straps went through the bag made me feel that Lilly was extra safe.
Lisa Caulfield, Dublin 9

The Cosynest is definitely designed with mothers in mind!  No more fumbling with zip-up or button-up snowsuits and blankets or struggling to get baby strapped into a car seat.  This simple, hassle free design allows you to just sit baby into the car seat and wrap baby up nice and cosy! Is also pink-blue reversible so can be used for either a boy or a girl.  The Happynest products are all practically designed and really make life easier for both parent and baby.  Every mother I meet wants one!  I know where to go to shop in future for anyone I know who is expecting the patter of tiny feet!
Denise Maguire, Drogheda<

Only a mother could design such practical baby wear! They are beautifully made with nice unique features. I love the fact that they can be kept for my next baby regardless of whether its a boy or girl, because they are fully reversible. Well done and best of luck to Happynest.
Linda Ryan, Meath, Co. Dublin