First week in business

March 21, 2014
Christine Carolan

Hi everyone,

I thought I would let you all know what it’s like a week after launching our new brand Happynest. It’s been a very busy week from talking to mothers who loved the products to chatting to retailers interested in stocking our babywear. I realise now that I still have loads to do and a lot to learn! From sorting out barcodes for retailers, figuring out overseas shipping to all the technology I have to be an expert of! I have become familiar with Twitter and now know how to tweet pictures.  We have featured in MompreneursIreland and have another article going live with EU mom in April.  I will have the pleasure of talking to George Hook on Thursday for “Let’s talk Business” which should be great!  This will air on 4th of April so will keep you posted!  Obviously whileimagesCAT2U93F doing all of the above there are still the school runs, play dates, homework, dinners and life in general.

This is a very exciting time for us here at Happynest!

Have a great weekend,


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