Why bulky coats / snowsuits and car seats don’t mix

January 7, 2015
Christine Carolan

Hello everyone, as you know we are huge advocates for keeping babies safe when travelling. I was delighted when a mum sent me photos of her baby Sadie in a snowsuit in a car seat. She demonstrated just how much distance is from the baby’s body and the car seat straps when wearing a snow suit. She took Sadie out of the snow suit and without adjusting the straps put her into her Cosynest and into her car seat. As you can see below the straps were really loose. The padding of the bulky jackets or snowsuits mean the straps are not fitted securely enough to the baby’s body. In the case of a crash the thick fabric compresses and the straps would become very loose. The Road Safety Authority state that the rule of thumb is if you can fit more the 2 fingers under the collar bone of the car seat strap then its not tight enough. The cold weather is approaching so if you want to wrap them up, put layers on them and once strapped in, put a blanket over them, or better still invest in a¬†reversible Cosynest!
sadie snow suit carseat straps baby


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