Newstalk interview 3rd April 2014

April 4, 2014

George Hook helps to kickstart another business!

This week George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were joined in studio by Christine Carolan for “HappyNest”.Christine sees a gap in the market where it comes to practical clothes for babies, and George was keen to give the business a “kickstart” on The Right Hook.

Hi all,

I got some fantastic feedback from George and Gerard. The feedback was spot on, I might know my products inside out but I hadn’t explained to my audience what their unique selling points are. I had spoken to so many people about the products that I thought the concept was clear to all, which was a mistake on my part.  So I am changing the descriptions to explain clearly what makes Happynest so great.lillycosycar2_no_label

When I sat down and looked at starting my business, I honed in on my own experience as a first time mum. I remembered how nervous I was with a new baby ensuring that my daughter Eve wasn’t too hot or too cold in the car seat when out and about. I used to notice how sometimes the car seats straps would start to slide down her shoulders and I was always worried that she would slip out.  Depending on what type of coat /jacket she was wearing, I would pull the straps as tight as I could but always found I would have to amend them at some point through out the day. The Cosynest is ideal for this situation. You can have the car seat straps securely on the baby and still keep baby snug and warm in the car seat. You will not need bulky coats and worry about the straps moving or loosening up. You can get the baby in and out of the car seat/ buggy quickly rather than struggling trying to push little arms through jackets and snowsuits.

The response to the interview to date has been amazing and I have made some great contacts.

If you have any questions about my products please contact me on

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