The power of juicing

October 4, 2014
Christine Carolan

Good morning everyone!

vegetables mixedWe are well and truly into winter now as the temperature starts to drop and hats and gloves are being dug out of the drawers.  I have been so busy lately that I think I neglected myself a bit. The result is now a sore throat and a cold. As a working mum I find it hard to get all the nutrients into me. Like every other mum I was running around, getting the kids out to school, skipping breakfast. Having a cup of tea and biscuit when I got back from the school run. I would then clean the house, do some work /meetings, get the weekly shop in and then do the school run again… prepare dinner….. you know the drill.

In all this time I never sat down and thought about my own well being, am I getting enough exercise in, what am I eating. So I decided to stop and take stock of what I was doing. I realised I wasn’t getting much fruit or vegetables into my diet. I felt I didn’t have the time to prepare it and sit down and eat it.  My body was crying out for nutrition and I knew I had to do something about it.  I opened my cubboard and found a juicer I had bought last year and a book from Jason Vale about Juicing. My husband and the girls were out one day and I sat down and read through the book. It made so much sense to me that I could get all this nutrition into me through a juice rather than skipping breakfast I could have a really healthy juice. I have been juicing every morning now for 3 weeks and have just introduced exercise back into my plan the last week and feel so much better. Last week was particularly busy for me and I think my sore throat and cold is a result of a very stressful week so I made myself a power juice this morning to kick start my system.

If your like me and want to get healthy but struggle to get the time to get all the right foods into you, then juicing once or twice a day might be for you.

Here is one of my favourite recipes I didn’t have the wheatgrass or spirulina so I wouldn’t worry about it. Now be prepared, its green but you will feel great for it:-)

Chlorophyll Power from Jason ValeIngredients:
1⁄2 medium Pineapple
1⁄4 medium Cucumber
1⁄2 (peeled) Lime
1 1⁄2 stalk Celery
1 handful Spinach
1 handful (kale + cabbage + watercress) Green Leafy Vegetables
3cm chunk Broccoli Stem
1 small handful Ice Cubes
SERVES 1How to create
Peel the lime, leaving as much of the white pith as possible – it’s where most of the nutrients
are. Juice the pineapple (no need to peel if you have a good juicer) and all the other ingredients.
Make sure you pack the spinach and leafy vegetables tightly into the chute of the juicer,
before juicing, to extract the most juice. Pour over ice and get ready to feel the power!
For an extra dose of chlorophyll add a small teaspoon of wheatgrass powder or spirulina
– it takes it up several levels! If you can do a wheatgrass shot – even better! If you’re adding
spirulina or wheatgrass powder then you will need to whizz it all up in the blender before


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